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TBLM Low pressure pulse dust remover

Brief introduction

This low pressure pulse cloth drum filter is the domestic introduction of digestion and absorption of new type of bag filter, equipment is small in size. For a long time this product is widely used in food, grain, flour processing, rice medicine industry separating and collecting ash from dust-air. 


1 Gylindrical design with a flat or conical bottom, featuring in reliable performance, high dusting efficiency and high treatment capacity.
2 The flat dust scraper reduces the height of machine, ensure the dust discharging perform-ance and avoids stock bridging and blocking. 
3 The gas container is fabricated with special boring machines to prevent any kind of heat deformation during the course of hand gas cutting and electrical welding, and eliminaging the possibility of gas leakage.
4 The electro-magnetic pulse valve replaces step motor, with stable performance and better effect on dusting.
5 Widely applied in the industries such as feed, flour milling, food, cement, mine, etc. 

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