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Spice Powder Microwave Sterilizer


Spice Powder Microwave Sterilization Working Mechanism

Microwave sterilization is the use of the thermal effects of electromagnetic fields and biological effects.
1.The thermal effect of microwave on bacteria is protein denaturation, the bacteria lost the conditions of nutrition,reproduction and survival and dead.
2.The biological effects of microwave on bacteria is the microwave electric field to change the permeability of the membrane cross-section , bacteria, therefore malnutrition cannot be normal metabolism , bacterial structure and function of disorder that , growth is inhibited and dead .

Microwave Sterilization Advantages

1.Energy saving and high thermal efficiency
Containing water substances that can absorb microwave heat , so in addition to a small amount of transmission loss , almost no other loss . So it is high thermal efficiency and energy saving. Compared with infrared drying energy saving is over 1/3

2.Mildew prevention, sterilization , and preservation
Microwave drying has thermal effects and biological effects ,in the low temperature can sterilize and prevent mildew . The drying time is short , best to preserve the vitamins and activity of food materials , the original color and nutrients .

3.Advanced technology
Microwave power can be realized immediately dry and terminate. Application of human-machine interface and PLC in drying process and dry process specifications is programmable automation control.

4.Sterilization index
Mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry, microbial indicators is far higher than the food sector. The device is very easy to meet user requirements

Technical Parameters:

Item Spices powder
Microwave bacterial treatment effect Pathogens not be detected ; Cfu 1000 within
Initial mositure(%) 12
Final moisture(%) 6-8
Treatment temperature (ºC) 75-95
Processing time(min) 6-9
Belt Width(mm) 600
sterilization chamber(mm) 4000
Material density 0.35
Production design(kg/h) 60-80
Material Contact SUS 304, other parts SUS201

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