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BMW-12 maize grits mill

Maize Grits Mill Brief introduction

This machine is an integrated machine which combines maize white and germ removing, maize impurity cleaning, maize polishing, maize grit and maize powder making, grading.  Put the clean maize into the machine, first the white skin, germ and some black part will be removed, then after polish, the maize enter into the grinding chamber, after crushing, the maize get into grading part. Three kinds of maize product will come out that is two kinds of maize grit and one kind of maize flour. The size of the maize grit is adjustable.

Maize Grits Mill Features

1 Compact design corn grit maker machine
2 Remove white skin, germ and impurities
3 Three kinds of grits
4 Grit size adjustable

Technical parameters

Model   Capacity(t/d) Voltage(v)  Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
BMW-12   12  380  11 430  1900*1500*1460

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