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The characteristics of the new wheat and flour milling process

The characteristics of the new wheat and flour milling process
New harvested wheat has larger changes of the moisture content, the structure of endosperm starch in the storage period, generally tends to stabilization after 22 weeks. Some flour mill factory usually store new wheat in 2 ~ 3 months, then gradually improve the adding proportion, collocating to produce wheat flour; some with 10% ~ 15% of new wheat, little influence on flour quality; Some use 100% new wheat after storage another 3 months.

As for the new wheat process by grain milling machine, because New wheat without through the ripe stage, between endosperm part is not tight, adhesion strength is weak, flour particle size fine; Cortex thicker, separated from the endosperm is not easy. So need following adjustment:
1. Extent improves the skin grinding system, increase of bran machine processing strength;
2. Flat screen clear powder machine, bran is also higher than normal, the system should have sufficient air flow, and clear the screen surface in time, 
3. Should be appropriate increase the screen area, if the flat screen not able to adjust, can put a fine powder sieve, also can reduce the grinding production methods, and guarantee the flour yield.
4. Replace to high square sieve, guarantee the endosperm of coarse and fine particles contain broken bran can be completely separated;
5. In the process of collocation with the new wheat, should observe changes into the grinding material particles, appropriately reduced slag grinding strength and, in order to connect with endosperm bran flakes, separation more thoroughly.

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