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How to ensure good quality of wheat before going to wheat mill for flour

How to ensure good quality of wheat before going to wheat mill for flour
Wheat flour milling factory usually can get a large number of new mature wheat in the wheat harvest time to increase wheat material storage. New storage during wheat harvest time, it is high temperature, high humidity season, suitable for worms, mold reproduction, easy to harm the wheat, plus new wheat in the processing of the product quality is not stable, easy to cause the flour falling sales. 
How to storage and processing of new wheat, storage time and the new, scientific decision of old wheat and new wheat collocation processing, maximum effectiveness, wheat flour making plant are faced with the problem every year.
Studies show that the wheat has strong ability of resistance to temperature change, within a certain range of high and low temperature, will not lose vitality, also won't affect the quality of flour. After high temperature exposure of wheat moisture content is low, cooked adequately, process quality, flour yield and gluten content and quality are improved.
Generally, mites under 5 ℃ cannot development, very few insects below 15 ℃ activities, most of the mold can't spread under 0 ℃.
Wheat moisture content below 13%, can suppress the growth of most microorganisms and mites, moisture below 10% can restrict most of the insect pests. 
Wheat moisture below 12%, can prevent the grain bulk temperature, cause mildew. 
To reduce the moisture content of wheat and grain heap temperature is the most effective way to control wheat mildew, the general relative temperature below 65 ℃, is conducive to the long-term security of wheat storage.
In wheat storage caused by heating is the most that should be paid attention to in protein denaturation. Thermal denaturation of conditions is generally temperature, heating time and water. The higher the wheat moisture content more prone to degeneration; Grain heap temperature reaches 55 ~ 60 ℃ and thermal denaturation may occur, and the more long time for heating the degree of degeneration.
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