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Why rice eating usually whole grain and wheat mill into flour

Why rice eating usually whole grain and wheat mill into flour
In fact some places also eat whole grain barley and make barley food, but taste bad and hard and time consuming.
Eat whole grain of rice, wheat into flour by wheat milling machine mainly because of different purposes .Whole grain of rice is easy to be cooked, also by boiling, soon is the most basic food can satisfy the people's life
While wheat flour, is easy to get by wheat flour milling equipment, and then can be made in to various kind of final products.


Because, with two kinds of special protein in wheat flour, wheat protein and glutenin, the former determines the viscosity of the flour, the latter determines the toughness and elasticity of the flour, the combination according to certain proportion constitutes the unique gluten in the flour.
This is the reason why wheat flour can make steamed bread, while rice flour can not make.
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